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MGB Schöllenenbahn

01/19/2015 | Photos from the section Göschenen-Andermatt of Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn

Gotthardbahn Nordrampe


Photos from the northern half of the Gotthard railway, the section between Arth-Goldau and Göschenen, with the north ramp (Nordrampe) starting in Erstfeld.


Between Miskolc and Szerencs


A new section of the Hungarian railway line 80 is accessible on my site. This time, I will upload the photos gradually, starting with the Subcarpathia Express.

Update: 06/02/2010


Under vineyards of Tokaj


Photos of a bright end-of-February Sunday from the railway line 80, which stretches under the vineyards of Tokaj


HÉV in the snow


Perhaps as an after-effect of the previous sunspot-minimum, at the beginning of 2010 an unusual amount of snow covered the major part of Hungary. Between the frequent snowfalls, there is rarely an opportunity to see the snow-covered landscape at sunshine. Since meteorologists predict foggy and overcast weather for the next days, I decided today to take advantage of this sunny day, and take photos of the HÉV line of Szentendre...


Tango Suizo and Co. - Tram line 10 of Basel


The line 10 is one of the longest tram lines in Europe. This 1000 mm gauge line stretches from Rodersdorf through the city centre of Basel to Dornach: it is a tramway and a suburban railway at the same time. Since 2009 we can find a new attraction on this varied line: the Tango tram of Stadler.




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Upper Hauenstein Line - Death or Resurrection?


The Sissach - Olten railway line was once one of the most important lines of Switzerland. This specially beautiful railway - today a secondary line - is continually threatened by closure. Now, a company wants to revive it with steam operated trains...




The pages of my Austrian photos have been upgraded and translated to English, with photos, which have not been available yet. During the last years, the rolling stock of the Austrian railways changed a lot. Therefore some of the depicted locomotives and trainsets cannot be found on the Austrian railway lines anymore: The class 1012 electric locomotives have been sold to Sweden, the loco 1822 005 moved to Poland. While the classes 1042 and 4030 have been withdrawn.


Királyrét Forest Railway


The page of my photos of the Kismaros - Királyrét narrow gauge railway is now available - with a lot of photos and a short summary of the line's history. New is the collection of related links. It is located in the header, in a dropdown menu.


1st prize at the Börzsöny Mountains' Narrow Gauge Railways photo contest


This photo of mine won the first prize at the Börzsöny Mountains' Narrow Gauge Railways photo contest. It was taken on 11th April 2009, Holy Saturday morning on the line of KEV - Királyrét Forest Railway, as the day's first nostalgia train to Kismaros passed the meadow above Szokolya village.



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